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Maxilift PF10000 Assistance

Maxilift PF10000 Assistance


Assistance Maxilift PF 10000 Spec Lift

Characteristics :
Adapted to chassis’ 15-19tonne (fully laiden weight)
Installation of hydraulics for vehicles not equiped as standard also an 13 pin electric tow hitch
- Hydraulic circuit with high pressure pump, distribution and reservoir.
- Spec lift arm with dual articulation and ground level operation.
- Two pistons for lift.
- A piston to control lift angle.
- An piston driven arm extension.
- Spec lift with adjustable width and tilt/swivel.
- Four pairs of lift forks on the chassis.
- Two ratchet straps to fix wheels to lift.
- 7.2tonne hydralic winch with pneumatic clutch, 30m of cable and sprung roller cable guide.

“LUXE 2” bodywork in galvanised steel :
- Two part steel sheet deck (left and right of the arm); bolted to the over chassis with rubber ani-vibration mounts.
- Full height cabinets with aluminium roller shutters; on each side two large at the front and one small to the rear, that is six in total.
- “Fly” type bay with aluminium screening.
- Protective rubber mats in each cabinet.
- Wall lights mounted in each cabinet.
- Built in rear signals with additional protection.

Hydraulic distribution :
- Positioned on the right side of the body with manual control of all operations.

Eight function radio control :
- For controlling the hydraulic winch.
- Lifting, extension and angle correction of lift arm.

Standard equipment comprises :
- “CODE 3” flasher bar with four rotating beacons.
- Three florescent vests, three cones, a shovel and broom with storage.
- A plastic grit bin with cover.
- Two fire extinguishers in a saftey cabinet.

Complimentary equipment comprises :
- Two work lights on top of the flyer.
- Two work lights on the lower rear.
- Two radio controlled magnetic signals.

Technical capacity of tow arm :
- Tow capacity: 10000kg
- Lift force at forks at minimum arm extension: 7000kg
- Lift force at forks at maximum arm extension: 4500kg
- Lift force of spec lift: 3000kg
- Hydraulic arm extension 1200mm

Options :
- 2nd 7.2tonne winch with extra pump and radio controls.
- Rear hydraulic “stifflex” stabilisers with separate controls.
- 2500mm extension with pivoting twin crane heads.
- Two “AUTO-ROULEV” wheel dollies with cabinet mountings
- All aluminium body to replace the steel body.

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