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Bed & Crane - Special Impound 10T/M

Characteristics :
- Hydraulic circuit with high pressure pump -50lpm 300bar
- Reinforced over chassis fixed to the backof the cab with bolted plated.

Specially adapted hydraulic crane for loading vehicles with :
- A triple hydraulic extension arm with a point of articulation.
- Hydraulic piston driven rotation via a rack and pinnion.
- Hydraulic lever controls on each side.
- Hydraulic stabilisers with manual extension and lef and right controls.
- Interlocks and limiter to CE standard.
Lift frame with :
- 2 large straps, four height adjustment rings and manually operated central rotation
Special impound style fixed bed without extension
- 3/5 steel bed welded to the over chassis.
- Front prtection bar with two rubber stops.
- Two integrated wheel arches with mud guards.
- Rear bumper with built in signals.
- Protective flush mounted side bumpers.
Spec lift with stablilisation
- Twin pistons for lift.
- An hydraulic arm extension.
- Width adjustable forks.
- Two ratchet straps for fixing the wheels.
- A signal panel for the towed vehicle.
- An arm mounted 4tonne hydraulic winch.
- Radio control for the winch.
- Two rear hydraulic stabilisers with separate controls.
Standard equipment comprises
- An illuminated flasher bar with four rotating beacons mounted on the cab.
- Three vests, three cones, a shovel and a broom.
- A plastic sand/grit box.
- Two fire extinguishers in a secure cabinet.
Extra equipment comprises
- A storage chest for the lift frame straps.
- A large PU toolbax.
- Side mounted, winched spare wheel.
- A work light on the crane.
- Full fitting of the equipment with single colour paintwork.

Specifications :
- Hydraulic force of crane 12T/m
- Hydraulic lifting force of the crane 1470kg at 8m
- Bed length 4800mm
- Portée hydraulique de la grue= 1470Kg à 8,00m

Options :
- Special impound style bed with rear hydraulic extension permitting a load between 3600mm and 4800mm
- Hydraulic rotation of crane head controlled with controls on the crane
- A lift frame for cars and vans with a piston to control the centre of gravity, four adjustable and removeable arms. Four wheel lift hooks with four chains for adjusting height and position on the lift frame with distribution and control mounted on the crane.


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